I’ve financed all 3 of my trucks through GEM. Never been disappointed

Honest. They did just as they said

My husband and I love were approved in minutes

Thank you GTF for financing my Box truck.

Gem Team was awesome. Thank you!

Life savers. I could not get funding anywhere to start my business.

Great service, Fast funding.

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Brooklyn, NY
I could not believe how easy it was to apply and qualify for a loan on my first tractor. GEM application process was simple and stress-free.
I would highly recommend GEM Capital." Their reps patiently answered all my questions was next to me every step of the way until I picked up my rig.
Kennesaw, GA
The people at GEM are fast, efficient & very resourceful. They walked me from A to Z. I look forward to continuing this relationship.
Guffy, CO
GEM Capital far exceeded my expectations!  They went above and beyond and made my whole purchasing process smooth and easy.
Fort Worth, TX
I was quite surprised when the dealer called me and informed me that my loan had been funded and my truck was ready to be picked up. The whole process to just several days.  THANK YOU GEM
Fresno, CA
I have financed all 6 of my Tow trucks through GEM Capital. I owe a great deal of my success to them. THANK YOU GUYS!!!!